Let’s solve your data problem

In one of three cool ways

How we help you

Using a scientific, data driven method, Alight has developed three distinct products—each designed to help you understand your customers’ decision journey and increase your return on investment. We give you the tools to become a better marketer, and solve your data problem.
  • Pre-aggregated and cleansed marketing performance data
  • Fed to your internal system nightly
  • Analysis-ready data
  • Pre-aggregated and cleansed marketing performance data
  • Alight hosts and manages the data
  • We teach you how to report it
  • Pre-aggregated and cleansed marketing performance data
  • Alight hosts and manages the data
  • Dedicated professional services

How we do what we do

Alight has a array of products and services, each intended to make you looking like a marketing superhero. What’s more, our process is a key differentiator from our competitors, and ensures that you get cleaner, accurate, and actionable reporting.  


Become a marketing genius with our proprietary marketing analytics platform. We can bring together all your marketing channel performance data to deliver valuable insights and analysis.


Alight Analytics has developed a proprietary platform known as ChannelMix, which is designed to solve your data problem. Through our scientific, data driven method, ChannelMix helps you better understand your customers’ decision journey and, ultimately, increase the return on investment of your marketing dollars.

Professional Services

In addition to our products, we offer a number of professional services designed to make you a better marketer.

Professional Services

We have five core areas of focus with our professional services: data management, web analytics management, custom reporting, strategic services, and analysis and modeling. Each of these can supercharge your marketing strategy.


Starting with simple web tracking and building to full-on predictive analysis, all of our clients reside somewhere along this continuum, and need our help getting to the next step. How can we help you?


Alight's process utilizes a sophisticated series of steps designed to improve the accuracy of your data collection and reporting. We track your data through a cross channel gathering system. We measure your marketing performance. We help you target the right marketing channels to go after. And finally, we predict future changes in your customers' behavior.

Who we work with

Our experience has brought us to multiple industry verticals over the years as all of our clients have one goal in mind—a robust sales and marketing analytics strategy that drives clear decisions.
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What our clients think of us

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GlynnDevins Creates Scalable Marketing Performance Reporting Solution for Clients

“Our situation is somewhat unique, as we need to be able to aggregate data and provide reporting for nearly 100 individual businesses. Alight has been a major asset in helping us develop a scalable solution that can be utilized across our client-base to not only give each client a results-oriented view into the work we do, but also to give our internal teams a deeper level of understanding around the opportunities that will help our clients gain the most value.”
– Blake Hodges, Director of Data Strategy & Digital Analytics, GlynnDevins
Zack Pike Alight Analytics Client Services Manager
“We greatly value our partnership with GlynnDevins because they’re utilizing the ChannelMix platform to drive a high level of efficiency around sharing data with their clients. This efficiency is very difficult for other solutions to match.”
Zack Pike,
Client Services Manager
Brian Armstrong Alight Analytics Marketing Analyst
“The team at GlynnDevins has done an excellent job of utilizing Alight’s expertise to exploit their massive set of data to it’s fullest potential, in a scalable and efficient manner.”
Brian Armstrong,
Marketing Analyst