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the only data as a service model just for marketers

The data problem is simple: marketers are spending too much time collecting data, and not enough time analyzing it. A best-in-class data aggregation platform, an expert team, and a proven process only come together at Alight Analytics. We’ll take you from copying and pasting to targeting and predicting. Find out how:

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data aggregation as a service

ChannelMix aggregates powerful decision-making data, and puts it into the hands of marketers. It’s a cloud-based data platform that turns all of your marketing data, no matter the format, into one, single source of truth.
Break down data silos. Power your BI tools. Put offline and online data together. Get back to analysis.
ChannelMix Feed
Aggregated, reporting-ready data seamlessly integrates with your internal systems.
ChannelMix Self Service
We aggregate the data, you build the reports using best-in-class dashboarding software.
ChannelMix Full Service
We do the aggregation, reporting, and analysis for you.

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