3 Reasons Why Marketing Analytics Isn’t a DIY Operation

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So you’ve decided to invest in marketing analytics. You want to build a professional data operation — one that will reveal business opportunities, lift revenues and enhance your ability to compete.

But first, you face an important question: Should you implement it yourself, or hire someone to help you?

“We’ll set it up using our existing resources, without hiring an outside vendor. It’s nothing our dev team can’t handle.”

Sounds like an entirely logical choice, right?

On the other hand, you wouldn’t dream of acting as your own dentist just because you’ve got access to a mirror and a pair of pliers.

Here are three practical reasons why it’s better to hire an expert to implement your marketing analytics.

1. Doing It Yourself Takes Longer

Let’s say your IT folks possess the know-how to build a marketing data warehouse, set up all your data connections and do everything else you need.

They probably can’t spare the time. Average initial build time is more than 18 months. Then it’ll require dedicated resources to keep it running.

And if your IT staffers have all the right skills (which isn’t guaranteed) they probably don’t set up marketing analytics operations every day.

But Alight tackles projects like yours all the time. We’ve accumulated more than a decade of unmatched expertise in the field — knowledge you can leverage to efficiently build a first-rate system for collecting, cleaning and consolidating marketing and media data.

You’ll avoid the snags and glitches that could derail your IT team. We see those kinds of problems all the time and know how to defuse them with a minimum of fuss.

2. Your Marketing Analytics Will Need Ongoing TLC

The demand for technical expertise doesn’t end when you finish setting up your marketing analytics operation.

You’ll require someone who can continue to:

  • manage your data warehouse
  • repair broken connections
  • add specialty data sources and make customizations to continue supporting analysis
  • build consolidated, rolled-up data views

That’s true even if you buy a “self-service” analytics platform such as Domo or Datorama. Many companies that choose a self-service platform find they still need a full-time worker to prepare and manage their data.

If you ask your IT team to oversee your marketing analytics platform, it’s one more chore added to their to-do list. More likely, they don’t know the difference between an “impression” and an “open” and will have a hard time properly aggregating the data for a single source of truth.

You could hire another employee to take on these new responsibilities. But you’ll probably discover that it’s hard to find a single person with the full set of skills.

Keep in mind, when you buy ChannelMix, our expert support is priced into every contract. You’ll get the ChannelMix platform, plus our entire team’s brainpower and expertise, for less than the cost of a single full-timer.

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3. The Platform Is Only Part of the Solution

Technology is important, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle.

You also need an effective strategy for putting your marketing data to work and harvesting its full value.

What do you want to achieve from your investment in marketing analytics? And what are the specific measurements that will show you if you are moving closer to (or further from) your goals?

Answering those questions is more challenging than it sounds. Marketers live in an ever-evolving ecosystem of media channels and data sources. Distilling that raw data into a single, consistent source of truth demands specialized knowledge.

Fortunately, our team has developed a time-tested process for isolating the right metrics for your business, so you can seize the right results. We’ve worked with pretty much every industry and vertical you can imagine: banking and financial services, retail, e-commerce, health, agriculture, animal health, sports and entertainment, and more.

Not only will our staff shoulder all the technical setup work, we’ll share our hard-earned insights into data strategy and measurement plans — the road map for leading you where you want to go.

You want to invest in marketing analytics. That’s an incredibly smart decision. But you don’t have to build your system by yourself. You’ll achieve more powerful results faster and at a lower cost if you work with the professionals at Alight Analytics.

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