How ChannelMix empowers and enhances Google Analytics data

Unleash the Full Power of Google Analytics with ChannelMix

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How ChannelMix empowers and enhances Google Analytics data

If you need an in-depth understanding of traffic to your websites and apps, nothing beats Google Analytics. 

Around the world, marketers use the analytics tool to learn why people visit their sites and how they engage with them. 

But if you want a complete view of marketing performance — one that shows the impact of your total investment not just in web, but across all channels — you need ChannelMix

Our platform combines all the tools and services that marketers need in order to measure, optimize and predict marketing ROI, all while integrating seamlessly with your Google Analytics properties.

ChannelMix brings together all the data from all your sources

Our platform automatically collects marketing, media and sales data from across your entire marketing ecosystem and unifies it in analysis-ready datasets

That encompasses Google Analytics and all the marketing channels you use to reach your audiences, including offline media like TV and direct mail.

Through its Data Import feature, Google Analytics allows you to join your web data with cost, customer and product data, but it’s a process that you manage manually. 

With ChannelMix, the platform does the work for you. 

ChannelMix lets you see your entire marketing and sales funnel

Google Analytics can show you where your site’s visitors come from and what they do there, including how many are converting.

But ChannelMix will show you what’s happening at the very top of your funnel, with detailed impression and engagement metrics from other platforms. 

And because ChannelMix can connect to your CRM, you can see what happens to leads after the sales team starts working them. 

Our pipeline dashboard will break down each stage of your funnel, so you can understand how marketing spend translates to impressions, engagements, leads, opportunities and, finally, won deals and revenue. 

ChannelMix’s attribution gives you a more complete picture of ROI

ChannelMix and Google Analytics both offer several built-in attribution models, including rule-based and data-driven options.

The difference is that our models can easily incorporate media and ad data from non-Google sources, so you can get a more complete view of performance. There’s also a risk with any vendor-supported attribution solution that the model might favor or double-count conversions that happen because of their platform. 

Google Analytics can ingest impression data from Google Ads, Campaign Manager 360 and the Google Display Network, but not from other platforms. Without that data, you may miss the value being created at the top of your funnel. 

You can also upload cost data into Google Analytics, but it’s a process that you manage. ChannelMix can automate the process.

ChannelMix shows you how your conversions are pacing against goals and budget

Keep your campaigns on target with ChannelMix’s pacing dashboard. Refreshed daily, it can show you how much progress you’ve made toward your goals and whether you have enough budget to hit them. 

ChannelMix has a team that’s eager to help you — and we speak Google, too

Unless you use Google Analytics 360, the enterprise version of GA, it can be hard or impossible to get one-on-one assistance. 

ChannelMix, on the other hand, is supported by a team of experts who help set up, monitor and repair connections to data sources, out of the box at no extra charge.

Not sure if your web property is tagged correctly? Need help setting up a Google Analytics implementation? Our team has deep expertise and can help you measure what matters most on your properties. 

ChannelMix futureproofs your tracking strategy

Gain a clearer understanding of where your visitors are coming from and what they’re doing, above and beyond what Google Analytics offers, with ChannelMix’s functional first-party cookies. 

With ChannelMix, you can get anonymized, user-level behavior data across multiple sessions. ChannelMix will also centralize your conversion tracking and even give you an identifier that you can use to associate specific conversions with contacts in your CRM. 

All that data is passed into ChannelMix, where you can blend it with data from other sources and create custom reporting. 

You can also say goodbye to long, complex UTM codes. ChannelMix Keys, our campaign tagging and planning tool, will give you a short string that you can use in their place. Not only will it track results for your multi-channel campaigns, it can even incorporate information on budget, goals, targeting strategy and other metadata in your reporting.

ChannelMix makes predictive analytics available for every marketer

ChannelMix’s dashboards come with built-in calculators that help you plan upcoming campaigns and predict what could happen at different levels of spend. 

It’s powered by marketing mix models developed by our team of data scientists, drawing on your historical data and external factors like seasonality, geography and weather. 

The best part? You don’t have to be a data scientist to get game-changing insights. Just enter your numbers into the calculator, push the button, and out come the insights.

Google Analytics is one of the most robust tools for data-driven marketers. ChannelMix can make it even more powerful and useful. Learn how — schedule your demo today!