ChannelMix offers marketing analytics capabilities that give a more complete view of performance. e

Use Salesforce? Here’s Why You Need ChannelMix for Your Marketing Analytics

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Salesforce is the No. 1 name in CRM software for a reason. Its suite of solutions helps the world’s most successful businesses accelerate growth while delivering tailored experiences for customers. 

The only way to make your experience better? Use ChannelMix to power your marketing insights and reporting. 

From the start, ChannelMix was designed for marketers by marketers so you can answer your most important questions about campaign performance. 

Our solution brings together the tools and services you need to measure, optimize and predict marketing ROI — all while integrating seamlessly with your larger Salesforce stack.  

ChannelMix gives you a complete view of your entire funnel 

ChannelMix connects to essentially any source of marketing, media or sales data and brings it all together in one place for easy analysis. 

That includes Salesforce and every single media source you use to reach your audience, including offline sources like TV, radio, OOH and direct mail. 

All that data is piped into our ready-to-use dashboards for Tableau and Power BI that break down each stage of your marketing and sales funnel. 

In one view, you can see how marketing spend translates to impressions, engagements, leads, opportunities and, ultimately, won deals and revenue — making it even easier to diagnose and fix problems when they happen. 

ChannelMix handles data management for you 

No more wasting hours and hours each month on data prep and management. ChannelMix does all that grunt work for you. 

Our platform is supported by a team of data experts who help you set up, monitor and repair connections to data sources — assistance that’s included out of the box.

And once the data is in ChannelMix, the platform unifies it into analysis-ready datasets, so you can easily compare results by marketing channel or campaign.

ChannelMix lets you slice and dice data the way you choose

Want to look at the big picture and see how entire campaigns or channels are performing? And then drill down by source, ad set, geography or some other level of granularity? With ChannelMix, you can.

You can even incorporate information on budget, goals, targeting strategy and other metadata into your analysis with Keys, ChannelMix’s tracking and planning tool

When you start using ChannelMix, our team will help you develop a data strategy for measuring and organizing your data in a way that makes sense for you. You won’t be locked into a pre-built reporting framework. 

ChannelMix makes predictive analytics available to every marketer

You shouldn’t have to be a data scientist to use data science. That’s why ChannelMix includes dashboards with built-in predictive tools that Salesforce doesn’t offer. 

Our calculators let you plan upcoming campaigns and predict the results using historical data — all before you spend a single dollar. It’s all powered by marketing mix models that our data scientists set up for you. 

ChannelMix is designed to help marketers succeed

When you start using ChannelMix, you’ll be assigned an account director who will help you create a long-term plan for your analytics program, at no extra charge. 

If you want to achieve new levels of insight — or even monetize your insights and reporting — your director will map out the milestones you should be working toward and help you solve problems that occur along the way. 

Learn how ChannelMix can make your Salesforce experience even more powerful. Schedule a call with our team today!