Alight Spotlight: Meet Taylor Grimmett, Business Intelligence Developer

Alight Analytics Spotlight

Alight Analytics is excited to welcome Taylor Grimmett to our Business Intelligence and Data Science (BIDS) team! Taylor is creating quick-start marketing dashboards that clients can use to rapidly visualize and analyze their ChannelMix data. 

Learn more about Taylor in his Q&A! 

Taylor Grimmett, Business Intelligence Developer at Alight Analytics

Taylor Grimmett


Business Intelligence (BI)  Developer

So what do you DO at Alight? 

I’m helping to build out Alight’s suite of marketing dashboard templates for various BI tools. 

What did you do before you came to Alight? 

I worked at a company called BUCS Analytics as a Business Analytics Consultant.

What do you like to do when you aren’t at work? 

Aside from running around the house with my 2-year old-son, Levi, my wife and I enjoy our rare moments of downtime by baking cookies, vegging on the couch and watching “Downton Abbey.”  We also serve in the high school ministry at our church.

People are always surprised to learn that you … 

Can speak a bit of Chinese.  

What’s your walkup song?

“Boy” by ODESZA. That’s my walkup song, and it’s an absolute banger.

Who plays you in the movie about your life? 

Since I’m a fan of no-name actors: A group of Russian people once came up to me at a bar in Nanjing and told me that I looked like their friend Levin. I had to pose for pictures. Never met the guy, but apparently he looks like me, so him.

You’re allowed to ban one thing — food, song, activity, whatever — from the face of the earth. What are getting rid of, and why? 

Snot. My nightmare is being assailed by a bunch of children with runny noses. Actually, it’s either snot or stickiness/dirtiness in general. I hate getting sticky or dirty. My wife thinks I’m kind of a psychopath because I have to wash my feet every night before bed. Feet are gross.