Marketing Data Aggregation Platform

ChannelMix aggregates all marketing data sources, no matter the format, into a single source of truth that can be accessed by any BI tool you choose, through one seamless connection.

ChannelMix connects marketing data from every source, stores it and applies our unique proprietary blend of technologies to ensure your data is complete, accurate and ready for reporting.
Manually collecting and combining marketing source spreadsheets each month is a nightmare. That’s why we fixed it. ChannelMix connects all of your sources of social, digital media, traditional media, website and sales data.
ChannelMix Data Aggregation Platform Ingestion
We will get you out of Excel, fast. Your offline and online marketing data easily and seamlessly flows into your own ChannelMix marketing intelligence platform. Data is blended, monitored, stored, and accessible from your favorite BI tool.
Marketing data lives everywhere, making it hard to analyze and report. Why not have it all in one place?
ChannelMix is a data management platform, meaning it’s a repository for all of your marketing data. It doesn’t just connect to your sources, it does so much more:
Link disparate systems
Correct errors
Store history
Break down your marketing data silos. Marketing data analytics and modeling isn’t truly possible until you have all your data together in one platform, otherwise you are just telling part of story, and maybe an inaccurate one.
Look, campaign tracking is prone to human error. We get that. That’s why we’ve integrated smart data mapping technology into ChannelMix, making it the best marketing analytics software on the market.
Accidentally label a field “Goooogle”? No problem, we take that bad term and make it a good one.
“Goooogle” to “Google.” Easy.
Customer behavior and media systems are inherently unreliable. ChannelMix runs three algorithms on your data sources and marketing metrics each night, looking for anomalies, good or bad, and fires off an alert. Example alerts include:
Google Analytics stops collecting data
Spikes from viral couponing
API failures
Reporting and analysis is made much easier when data is organized and presented in a logical fashion. ChannelMix doesn’t make you blend data on the fly. We spend time understanding your reporting needs and build custom blended views of your data so you have the right marketing metrics, together in a single view, ready for reporting.
Blend Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn data together for social media views
Blend television, billboard, and radio ad impressions for traditional views
Blend all web data together for online views
Blend all of the above together for a cohesive campaign view
Really, whatever way you want to mix and match it, we’ll do it!
See your marketing performance data together like never before.
With ChannelMix, you’re not tied down to any single business intelligence or data visualization tool. The reporting world is your oyster; use any of the hundreds now available (look to Gartner BI Magic Quadrant for the best).
We use and can train you on Tableau Software, but no pressure.
ChannelMix serves as a single connection for your entire data ecosystem: all your online media, offline media, email vendors, custom marketing sources and tools, Excel files, transaction systems and competitive data.




Alight has been a major asset in helping us develop a scalable solution that can be utilized across our client-base to give each client a results-oriented view into the work we do.

Blake HodgesDirector, Digital Strategy and Analytics, GlynnDevins

Alight Analytics has been a tremendous partner in providing data feed capabilities, data analytics and report functionality that allows us to make better business decisions by utilizing our resources more efficiently.

Matt KirkpatrickGeographic Marketing Lead, Monsanto Company

Alight’s ChannelMix solution was probably the most important step in completing our business intelligence system infrastructure. With their help and dedicated support, we were able to close the loop on ROI reporting.

Johnny HilgersDirector, Business Analytics, Spring Venture Group