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Marketing Analytics for Banks & Credit Unions

Holistic solutions for marketing intelligence and lead generation



Accelerate lead generation with an optimized marketing strategy.

Alight’s suite of reporting and analytics solutions helps you determine which tactics produce the most qualified leads for new accounts, mortgages and credit cardholders, so you can do more of what really works.


Bring all your data together as a single source of truth.

The ChannelMix marketing intelligence platform aggregates and unifies siloed marketing, media and sales data from any source, giving you a complete view of performance.

ChannelMix monitors, preps and normalizes your data for you, no coding required. And it always integrates with your favorite BI or visualization tool.


Show how marketing investment creates demand.

Discover which channels generate the most qualified leads. Our marketing analysts will help you link your results to the marketing campaigns and channels that generated them.

You’ll see how different tactics work together to attract and influence prospective customers.

Forecasting &

Invest your budget for the greatest possible return.

Build a media mix model that shows you where and when to spend advertising dollars where they’ll do the most good.

Alight’s team of data scientists can help you develop a sophisticated, data-based framework for guiding your media buys.

Holistic Marketing Analytics Solutions

Insights tailored to your marketing goals and strategies

Lead generation analYtics

Align marketing and sales in one pipeline to measure and forecast lead performance

eCommerce analytics

Measure the impact marketing promotions and campaigns have on online sales

eCommerce analytics

Connect marketing campaigns and promotions to the online sales they generate.


Measure and optimize multi-channel media campaigns to maximize ROI