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Marketing Analytics for Multi-Location & Franchises

Marketing analytics for Franchisors

Global or granular, see the complete picture of your marketing performance.

Alight’s suite of reporting and analytics solutions gives you everything you need to assess your marketing performance — by store, by region, by company — and develop insights for optimized spend and increased sales.


Bring all your data together as a single source of truth.

Let our ChannelMix marketing intelligence platform completely automate your data.

Just imagine it — a single source for your entire franchise’s marketing data, including digital, traditional and OOH channels. One source that lets you track your entire organization’s results. One that lets you study how specific stores and regions are performing.



Achieve instant insight into performance, at all levels.

Need a marketing dashboard that shows you how your entire operation is executing — while giving you the power to drill down to the regional or store level? Our experts will build it for you.

We’ll also help you create a system that delivers performance reports to individual operators, but only the information they’re cleared to see.


Performance Benchmarking

Find your competitive edge by putting results into context.

Take the next step with multi-location benchmarking, so you can identify your leading and lagging stores. Discover what’s causing the winners to win so you can help everyone succeed.

Solutions for Franchises

Reporting & Analytics Solutions Built for Marketers

Activate our reporting solutions for instant dashboards, attribution and actionable insights. More than just software, ChannelMix answers your most meaningful questions to demonstrate value and drive business growth.


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