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Marketing Analytics for Full-Service Agencies

Holistic solutions for marketing intelligence



Turn marketing analytics into a core competency for your agency.

Alight’s suite of reporting and analytics solutions gives you everything you need to prove marketing’s value and optimize strategy and spend for clients. 


Bring all your data together as a single source of truth.

Reduce time spent on manual reporting by as much as 90 percent. Alight’s ChannelMix marketing intelligence platform automatically gathers all your data from all your channels, so you have a single source of truth for every client you work with.

The end result? Analysis-ready datasets you can put to work ASAP.

Automated Reporting & Benchmarking

Produce high-impact dashboards in less time, with less effort.

Alight’s suite of quick-start dashboards can help you set up channel- and campaign-level reporting faster than you ever thought possible.

And our pacing and benchmarking dashboards instantly put your results in context.


Campaign Tracking & Attribution

Connect marketing investment to business results.

Get the insights you need to optimize clients’ marketing strategy.

Our data experts can help you develop cross-channel attribution, connecting your results to specific channels and tactics, so you can do more of what works.

Holistic Marketing Analytics Solutions

Insights tailored to your marketing goals and strategies

Lead generation analYtics

Align marketing and sales in one pipeline to measure and forecast lead performance

eCommerce analytics

Measure the impact marketing promotions and campaigns have on online sales

eCommerce analytics

Connect marketing campaigns and promotions to the online sales they generate.


Measure and optimize multi-channel media campaigns to maximize ROI