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Marketing Analytics for Healthcare & Senior Living

Holistic solutions for marketing intelligence and lead generation


Leverage marketing insights to attract a new wave of appointments and visits.

Alight’s suite of reporting and analytics solutions give you crystal-clear insight into what’s really attracting patients and residents, so you can optimize your marketing strategy and spend.


Data Aggregation

Bring all your data together as a single source of truth.

Leverage the ChannelMix marketing intelligence platform for effortless data management. Automatically collect, clean and organize marketing, media and sales data — from any source — into analysis-ready datasets. See the big picture, or drill down into specific markets and channels.



Tie new leads to the marketing that generated them.

What’s really driving new business for your health system or senior living community? Our marketing analysts will develop a framework for cross-channel attribution — showing how all your channels work together to attract and influence prospective patients and residents.


Cross-Channel Reporting

Explore the data with in-depth, easy-to-use dashboards.

Go beyond the numbers and tell the story of your performance with a marketing dashboard. Our team of marketing analysts can help you build a visualization that delivers context and depth, across channels and campaigns, in an easy-to-understand package.

Solutions for Healthcare

Reporting & Analytics Solutions Built for Marketers

Activate our reporting solutions for instant dashboards, attribution and actionable insights. More than just software, ChannelMix answers your most meaningful questions to demonstrate value and drive business growth.


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