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Marketing Analytics for Insurance Companies

Holistic solutions for marketing intelligence and lead generation


Generate more leads with less waste.

Reach more prospective policyholders and members with Alight’s suite of reporting and analytics solution. You’ll get everything you need to optimize marketing strategy and drive your business growth.


Bring all your data together as a single source of truth.

Save hundreds of hours on data management. The ChannelMix marketing intelligence platform will automatically collect and organize all your sources of marketing, media and sales data in a single location.

Less time on data prep = more time for in-depth analysis of your marketing performance.


Reveal which tactics are responsible for new leads.

Get ready to answer the big questions about your marketing. What’s really connecting with your future customers? How do different channels influence and build off each other?

Our marketing analysts can help you link activity to results, from the top of the funnel to the point of conversion.

Forecasting &

Invest your budget where it’ll generate the most ROI.

Live the dream: Get data-powered guidance for exactly where and when you should direct your advertising dollars.

Our team of data scientists will build a framework that lets you look forward and make the best possible planning decisions.

Holistic Marketing Analytics Solutions

Insights tailored to your marketing goals and strategies

Lead generation analYtics

Align marketing and sales in one pipeline to measure and forecast lead performance

eCommerce analytics

Measure the impact marketing promotions and campaigns have on online sales

eCommerce analytics

Connect marketing campaigns and promotions to the online sales they generate.


Measure and optimize multi-channel media campaigns to maximize ROI