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Marketing Analytics for Media Agencies

Holistic solutions for marketing intelligence and optimization


Reporting & Analytics for Media Agencies

Prove the value of your media buys. And get even better.

Alight’s suite of reporting and analytics solutions help you save hundreds of hours on marketing data management. And give you the edge you need to deliver increasingly optimized media plans.


Bring all your data together as a single source of truth.

Alight’s ChannelMix data management platform collects marketing data from all sources — digital, social, traditional, OOH and beyond — and organizes it into analysis-ready datasets.

Everything is stored and protected in a data warehouse fully managed by our team of data experts.


Showcase your results in high-impact dashboards.

Use your ChannelMix data to produce beautiful, informative dashboards that bring all of a client’s marketing and media sources into a single visualization.

Tap into our suite of pre-built quick-start dashboards that you can repurpose, white-label and sell.

Campaign Attribution & Pacing

Connect spend to results, and do more of what works.

Take the next step: Harness your data for campaign- and channel-level attribution.

Build data-backed forecasts that direct spend where it’ll generate the biggest bang — and make your clients happier than you ever imagined.

Holistic Marketing Analytics Solutions

Insights tailored to your marketing goals and strategies

Lead generation analYtics

Align marketing and sales in one pipeline to measure and forecast lead performance

eCommerce analytics

Measure the impact marketing promotions and campaigns have on online sales

eCommerce analytics

Connect marketing campaigns and promotions to the online sales they generate.


Measure and optimize multi-channel media campaigns to maximize ROI