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Automated Marketing Reports

Say goodbye to static monthly marketing reports

Whether you're connecting to our suite of marketing report templates or performing ad hoc analysis in your own dashboarding tool, ChannelMix delivers fresh marketing KPIs and insights every single day with automated reporting capabilities.

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automated reporting for marketers

Strategic insights to help you plan, execute and target campaigns that maximize leads and ROI

Our portfolio of performance dashboards is built specifically for lead gen marketers to plan and execute campaigns that maximize ROI and align to business goals. 

Analysis-ready data

ChannelMix automatically aggregates and prepares marketing data for analysis 



Plan marketing and sales targets based on budget and acquisition goals

No More Data Silos

Unite multiple sources in one dashboard view for holistic performance insight

Live, Interactive Data

Data is updated every day for more real-time analysis and data-driven decision-making


Connect to our suite of ready-to-use dashboards—compatible with Tableau and Power BI


All of the performance insight, none of the prep work

Data from across your marketing and sales ecosystem is captured, integrated and modeled for analysis in our suite of turnkey dashboards for Tableau and Power BI, or ad hoc analysis in your favorite BI tool.

automated reporting and data workflow
The Marketing Analytics Maturity curve™

A four-level framework for continuous analytics improvement

Our solutions are deployed using our Marketing Analytics Maturity Curve™, a roadmap that ensures your data, tracking and analytics strategy supports the type of analysis you want to do today and tomorrow.


Set a baseline for marketing performance metrics

Automated Reporting

Get visibility into marketing performance for each marketing channel

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Cross-Channel Reporting

Unify like metrics across sources for a holistic view of marketing performance

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LEVEL 2 - Optimize

Optimize marketing campaigns to maximize ROI

Campaign Pacing

Set campaign goals and budgets to track progress across channels

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Campaign Pacing

Pace and optimize campaign spend mid-flight based on progress

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Multi-Touch Attribution

Understand how marketing channels work together to generate conversions

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Align marketing performance to business outcomes

Marketing Funnel Analysis

Measure performance of every channel throughout the marketing funnel

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Pipeline Analysis

Measure marketing and sales performance in a single pipeline view

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Pipeline Forecasting

Plan marketing and sales targets based on budget and revenue goals

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Predict outcomes based on current and past performance

Customer Journey Modeling

Set campaign goals and budgets to track progress across channels

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Media Mix Modeling

Use predictive modeling to optimize your media mix and spend

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We solved problems around internal efficiencies by partnering with ChannelMix to handle the aggregation for us. It allowed for us to have automated refreshes of our data and to roll out dashboards that would not have been sustainable otherwise.


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