ChannelMix OneView

Automated data blending for marketing analytics

Standardize and map fields across your marketing data ecosystem

ChannelMix OneView’s data blending technology brings together all of your marketing, media, web and sales data into unified, analysis-ready datasets. OneViews normalize taxonomies and metrics across sources, mapping like fields together for holistic analysis. 

How ChannelMix OneView Works

Your OneView datasets are stored in ChannelMix, Alight’s best-in-class platform for marketing data aggregation and management.

ChannelMix connects, cleans and stores data from any source. Then it blends data fields from each source, matching campaign names and metrics, so you have one combined view of performance across channels — ready to use with our out-of-the-box marketing dashboards for Tableau and Power BI.

Use OneView to assess media and campaign performance holistically without losing the ability to drill down into specific channels, platforms, campaigns and ads. 

  • Flexibility

    It doesn't matter if you're tracking one data source or 50, OneView can bring them together.

  • Accuracy

    OneView normalizes taxonomy between sources, so you'll know that 'X' for Facebook equals 'Y' for Twitter.

  • Simplicity

    Sick of joining and blending data yourself? Tell us which sources you want to join, and let OneView handle it for you.

  • Efficiency

    OneView datasets live in ChannelMix, ready for analysis in one of our solutions or your BI tool of choice.


Great Data, Great Dashboards

Use your ChannelMix OneView blended datasets with your choice of BI or marketing dashboard software. Or tap into Alight’s suite of quick-start marketing dashboards for Tableau & Power BI.

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