Alight Interactive Co-Founder Featured in Kansas City Business Journal

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Matt Hertig, co-founder of Alight Analytics, a leading web analytics and marketing measurement agency, contributed to the bimonthly Growth Strategies-Sales Academy article of the Kansas City Business Journal published December 10, 2010 in 14 markets across the country.
The topic for the article, written by Sean Stormes, focused on moving past status quo thinking to see what is “beyond” and the importance of “harnessing the power of (our) marketing efforts” or, in this case, what all that data tell us when driving revenue growth.
Mr. Stormes then turned the article over to Hertig to explain how Alight Analytics is helping customers use data to go beyond a subjective gut feeling when determining marketing performance to an objective data-driven decision-making model designed to drive revenue growth.
“The opportunity to move from gut feel decisions to holistic data-driven marketing decisions based on revenue growth is very real,” Mr. Hertig states in the article. “It is with this end in mind that we developed our full-service marketing analytics solution, the next-generation approach to website and marketing analytics bringing together all the disparate marketing performance data living in multiple systems. And not just online systems (such as Google Analytics, banner ads, e-mail systems, and social media websites) but also offline systems such as CRM tools, competitive intelligence providers and marketing campaign tools.”
Alight Analytics is a leading marketing measurement and web analytics agency, supporting advertising agencies and corporate marketing organizations. Specializing in customized tracking and reporting solutions, Alight Interactive joins disparate online and offline marketing, analytics and CRM data for a holistic view of performance and ROI. Established in 2007, Alight works alongside clients to develop marketing measurement tracking strategies, implement robust web analytics and develop customized reporting dashboards, enabling clients to facilitate data-driven marketing decisions.

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